Gerardine Wurzburg, President

Gerardine Wurzburg is the owner of State of the Art, Inc. Over the last twenty – five years, she has developed media on current topics and trends in health, education, contemporary history, and social justice. Her work is released theatrically and broadcast nationally on HBO, CNN, PBS, and ABC and internationally as well as being distributed to extensive non-broadcast audiences.

In public health and education, she is renowned for her skill in developing social marketing campaigns that integrate best practice in education and public health with effective marketing and communication. All work done at State of the Art represents her commitment to use all forms of media to encourage dialogue and social change.

In addition to the many awards Ms. Wurzburg has received over the years, she is the recipient of the Academy Award® and the Japan Prize.

Ms. Wurzburg is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and the American Public Health Association.

Grady Watts, Senior Vice President

For the past twenty-five years, Grady Watts has produced and directed documentaries. His programs have been broadcast nationally and distributed extensively to non-broadcast audiences as well.

In recent years, his work has focused increasingly on health education, promoting patient empowerment and self-management of chronic illness through coordinated video, print and Internet campaigns.

Mr. Watts was educated at Harvard University, B.A. and the Stanford University Graduate School of Communication, M.A. and lives with his wife and two daughters in Washington, DC.

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